What is it like to attend K Academy?

Why have I attended Coach K Academy for 18 years; 16 playing basketball and most recently golf? Coach K, the Duke staff, as well as former and current Duke hoop players are all super involved and helpful! The competition is intense and the Washington Duke Inn accommodations are first class. I didn’t attend Duke, but I now have many, many close Duke friends because of our time competing both with and against each other at Coach K Academy.
Garry Munson
K Academy Golf & Basketball Alumni
I decided to come to K Academy because I loved watching Duke basketball as a young man and thought it would be a really cool, one time experience to play in Cameron and meet Coach K. What I found out is that it's so much more. It's now a staple on my calendar each year. The people that I've met, from K Academy staff to the other campers, has literally changed my perspective on athletics, business, and life. I'm grateful to Duke and all of the wonderful people who work tirelessly to make it such a special place. I've met so many people in the past 6 years that I consider close friends because of K Academy. It's my favorite week of the year.
Josh McNulty
K Academy Basketball Alumni
Every May, it's like coming home. Our genuine care for each other is infectious. We, as a collective share in the base-of-life values Coach K has preached for decades. We lift each other up, compete like hell against each other and in the end cry our way home because it's over. There's no experience like it in the basketball or golf worlds to be sure. Participating in the Legends Golf Academy is the highlight of my golf year. You learn from the very best in the world and play until you drop every day. It's GREAT! Life is only as good as who you chose to spend it with. These people are worth every minute!!
Mark Schmitz
K Academy Golf Alumni
Life altering experience is what comes to mind. I attended my first camp in 2014 hoping to get a glimpse of the Duke program, players, and coaches. What I got was a full immersion into the Duke family. I’ve formed friendships that will last a lifetime with the players and coaches, and all the campers that come from across the globe. And yes, K Academy literally changed my life..come to camp this year and I’ll tell you the story! One more thing: no basketball experience necessary, just heart and a willingness to open yourself to possibilities…GO DUKE!
Scott “Kindo” Kindrick
K Academy Coach & Basketball Alumni
For 5 days, K Academy lets you live the dream of playing in Cameron for coaches you've watched play for Duke for years. That alone is epic, but the unexpected benefits of creating lasting friendships and lifelong memories with your teammates just may have you coming back for several years.
Jim Tobin
K Academy Basketball Alumni
I was lucky enough to be a part of the Team Dallas championship run in 2021. The bonds I made with my teammates that year are unbreakable. That week I made brothers for life. TEAM DALLAS FOREVER.
Tom Cranwell
K Academy Basketball Alumni
Pursuing dreams: that is what life is truly about. Nothing will simply happen to you; you must make things happen for you. In 2018, I pursued my ultimate dream and attended the K Academy. I’ve since returned every single year and while it never, ever surprises me how much love and respect I continue to have for DUKE, Coach K, Coach Scheyer and the entire DUKE program, what I very much never expected - or even accounted for in my years of dreaming of this experience - was the family that I found at the K Academy; the friendships that I never expected at this point in my life; the bonds that stand the test of time and distance each year until we are all reunited for 5 unfathomable days each spring. I first came to this experience because I am a DUKE and Coach K fan(atic). I come back every year for the same reason everyone else does: “it feels so good to be home.”
Sarah Goswick
K Academy Basketball Alumni
There is nothing better for a basketball enthusiast than K Academy. Every year I attend it gets better. No matter how high you set your expectations they are always exceeded. Duke is a brotherhood and when you attend K Academy you are immediately welcomed in.
Ross Mallor
K Academy Basketball Alumni
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